Monat: Februar 2017

DIRTY COP (Arma 3 Roleplay)

This is some Arma 3 Roleplay in the Nopixel mod. No pixel is essentially an Arma 3 life mod that is a player driven version of Grand Theft Auto 5. Cops, Medics, Judges, Jobs and the criminal element are all driven by the players. My stream, tweets and all that other stuff:

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Highlights from the best moments the last month I have been playing Rust again. Enjoy. Edited by General187 here: Follow me on Twitter for updates when videos & livestreams are going down: Or just catch me live on Twitch:...

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Some people are going to be as mad as this sociopath that I started uploading Rust again. I have been streaming alot on Twitch recently. But more videos soon. Vod of the day this guy and his son were tower camping us all day:...

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