Monat: Mai 2016


Roses are red, swamps are green, like this video and get free ice cream. Swamp Brothers is a montage of a few days gameplay of early game ARK. Since I haven’t touched ARK since it came out I would like to say I am pleasantly surprised where the development of this game is going. I think its awesome to see so many survival games in early access that are continuing the development and updating the game regularly. If you would like to join our tribe, I am going to put a link to our discord channel below. (It has...

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Like the video for a chance to win a free uppercut to the nuts. Loot Goblin is a mashup of gameplay over the last couple weeks in Rust. There is Chapter 1, The Rabbit Hole which is a counter raid or raid interruption we achieved against a group of dudes. A brief intermission with a 60 second Rust lesson with BchillZ. And finally, a Chapter 2, The Helicopter Incident which is a ninja of some helicopter loot from some enemy forces. See you in the next episode dudes. Buy Rust CHEAP here: At the end of the video...

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If I get 100 likes in the first 5 minutes the video is up, I will do absolutely nothing about it. Only in Rust can you snipe your neighbors house with a Rocket Launcher. This was on the Rusticity Battlefield server. I hope you enjoyed the video. Buy Rust CHEAP here: Here’s my twitter. I don’t follow back or tweet selfies of my dinner but I do try to respond to all my lowly peasant fans who I don’t appreciate or give a crap about. (That’s sarcasm). Here’s a way to support this channel directly. This isn’t...

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