Monat: März 2016

Bandit Diary REDUX – Ep. 4 (Arma 3 DayZ)

Likes for continuing a series, I bet you thought was done. Also, more Bushmaster coming, trying to spread all the episodes out so each series has longevity. Bandit Diary Redux is a revisit to the Arma 2 DayZ mod series I did a couple years ago entitled „Bandit Diaries“ and continuation of the second season of Bandit Diaries, for Arma 3. This series, like the original 2 seasons follows, organic live gameplay commentary. This series, unlike the original is a visit to Chernarus and now, Napf in the Arma 3 mod Desolation. Which is essentially the Arma 2 DayZ...

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SGT. FKBOY (Arma 3 Desolation)

Likes for SGT. FKBOY! RIP Desolation Taviana. Martin, the FKBOY. Thanks for the great decision’s you made lil buddy! Make sure to let Bohemia Interactive know you feel about their 100% fair licensing on their twitter here: My twitter:...

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300 DOLLAR$$?! (CS:GO)

Felt like ranting about CS:GO since I haven’t played in awhile. This video is the anti-thesis to what you expect. Sorry dudes. In this video I tell some stories, share my first pc gaming experience about CS, and begin to rant about anything from the atrocious cost of skins in CS:GO and the upcoming title „Escape from Tarkov“. Replace „cs:go skin gambling“ with „gambling“ in this questioner: CS:GO skin simulator here: Here’s my twitter. I don’t follow back or tweet selfies of my dinner but I do try to respond to all my lowly peasant fans who...

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