Monat: November 2015

Operation: CHERRY POPPER (Rust)

Thanks for all the feedback on the last Operation, and as you requested, I will continue to do these op videos so long as you guys watch and like them. SCOUTING: 0:41 PLANNING: 4:55 EXECUTION: 9:08 DEBRIEFING: 27:00 After the success of OP Red Snow, we returned to check the status of the base. As we entered deeper into the snow, we noticed that some people were cherry picking our nodes in the immediate area of Fort Final. We then scouted the base to see who and what exactly we were up against. I livestream 6 days a week...

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„All nakeds must die“. At least, for now. Maybe in the future, Fort Final will have some kind of Savages of the coast Intake house for all the homeless washed up weirdies who come knocking on the castle doors like its a soup kitchen. Like if you agree. Fort Final is a showcase build of a 2 week long epic base build on Facepunch Hong Kong with many people who helped gather resources for this build. The build itself was designed by me, and suffered 2 raid attempts, one of which was done in the early stages of the...

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