Monat: Oktober 2015

Operation: Red Snow (Rust)

Likes appreciated dudes. Tell me if you would like to see this made into a series. Operation Red Snow is a four part mission in Rust conducted by myself, boedusky, zambigames, sequisha, scudpunk and shinzero. The operation was a demolition mission or raid on an enemy base designed to eradicate a local group of communist who based in our area. The mission was designed as a dry run for future missions in a four part execution as follows: SCOUTING: 0:37 PLANNING: 3:21 EXECUTION: 6:24 DEBRIEFING: 28:33 The group of commies were exterminated and then locked out of their homestead...

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Likes for the three amigo’s jumpin claims! Rust is probably one of the best early access survival games on the market. With a fully transparent development blog that is updated bi-weekly, consistent optimatization and content updates and a ton of awesome things planned, its truly epic. If you haven’t played Rust Alpha lately, my only question is, why not? Get Rust here on steam: Catch me livestream daily here:...

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HOW NOT to be a NOOB (Rust)

Like the video if you learned 1 thing you didn’t know before watching it! Subscribe for more! PROLOGUE: 0:38 SPAWNING: 1:30 EARLY GAME: 2:14 BLUEPRINT FARMING: 3:57 BUILDING: 7:22 DESIGN: 8:56 AUTOMATED SYSTEMS: 10:10 RAIDING: 11:58 AIRDROPS: 14:54 HELICOPTERS: 15:21 PRO TIPS: 16:17 Map information about your server here: Official Facepunch Server with a great community: More information on Blueprints: Download Rust build simulator „Fortify“ here: Buy Rust CHEAP here:...

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