Monat: September 2015


ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Rusty Games is an arena event I created for subs in a chance to compete. The game itself was crowd funded through donations to my channel. This was a 20 man, free for all, winner take all arena tournament in which players battled against the odds to become champion. This event was absolutely amazing to be able to host and I would like to thank Holmzy, Kiki, Hyperthreaded, Boedusky and all the others who helped organize this event. Big shout out to Rust for making an epic game where your imagination is the boundary to...

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Can we get 500 like mang? Narcos – Rust is gameplay of Rust experimental. Sometimes the biggest obstacle you have in life is the struggle of power for those closest to you. He got what he had coming to him. Rest in Peace, Pablo Escoboe. Buy the greatest survival game to date here: Follow my twitter for video updates and to know when I go live:...

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