Monat: Mai 2015


Squad is on Kickstarter now! Squad is an online multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture combat realism through communication and team play. This game is currently on Kickstarter and has already been greenlit on steam. Here is my first two games of Squad and I hope you enjoy. Make sure to like the video if you like it! Subscribe for more free videos! Catch me Livestream the raw footage for these videos here: Follow me on twitter for updates on when I go live on Twitch! Music licensed under CCBY Attribution and all credit...

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Outlaws & Nazis (Rust)

Subscribe for more quality over quantity content! Likes and favorites much appreciated. In this „Outlaws and Nazi’s“ in the game Rust, we follow the outlaw Rhinocrunch on his adventures throughout the land of Rustopia. This video gameplay commentary of Rust was all done live on twitch. I was recently able to get a dedicated streaming box to allow me to upload more Youtube content of Rust or whatever I am playing all while streaming live. I am also going to focus more on story driven videos with a higher production value. In the past I have done interviews, reviews,...

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Murder Squad (Rust)

Can we get 2k likes for the next video? Rust experimental is an updated engine of the previous rust featuring a ton of new mechanics in Rust like: player downing (to replace instant death, players have a chance to be revived from their total hunger and health), procedural map generation, structural integrity and a whole bunch more. I love this New Rust. Get Rust on steam here: (includes legacy or old version) Get your own Rust server here: Catch me Livestream Rust: Music licensed under Creative Commons commerical reuse...

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